DS: N.Naoto Frill Cameo JSK

I am a college student so I might not get back to you right away, but I will most likely be responding in the same day :)
Things that are important I guess ^_^ :
- Only accept paypal
- Ship via USPS
- No problem shipping within the US (if you're outside the US and are interested just pm me and I'll try to get it to ya ^^)
- Shipping cost will vary from item to item, so just let me know where you are and I'll give you an estimate
- Open to negotiation on price
- Willing to do payment plans, just ask
- First to PM gets priority 
- I won't do holds unless you are a serious buyer and the hold can only last for 24hours 

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Petti underneath 

(this is not my photo, it is one of the previous owners-if this is your photo and you would like me to take it down just ask or I give me your name and I will give you credit) 

h.Naoto Frill Cameo JSK 
I really love this dress but it just doesn't look right on me :( It's in a light grey and white color way. Also, the bow on the front is detachable. The previous owner sold it to me without telling me there were stains on it, so I will have it dry cleaned before shipped if you are interested :) again, no charge for dry cleaning.
bust- 32-36'' (could maybe go bigger)
waist- 24-34'' (could maybe go bigger)

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Thank you!